Introducing Fusion Sources

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Mitch and I, just started working on Fusion Sources. Like the glorious Zen Sources, ours are Sabayon-flavoured Linux kernel sources on steroids, containing Con Kolivas patchset (BFS included), BFQ io-scheduler, Reiser4, experimental btrfs patches, experimental drm patches, and experimental wireless-next drivers.

The first version of Fusion Sources has been tagged here. Sources and Binaries are now available in our Entropy repositories (currently sabayon-limbo) and Portage overlay (layman -fa sabayon). This early version doesn’t contain wireless-next, experimental btrfs and drm stuff, but we’ll get there on the next round.

If you are interested in joining in helping out with the patchwork, just jump into #sabayon.

Enjoy bleeding edge kernels from Sabayon.