Sabayon and Funtoo Linux Merge Projects

Sabayon is about to move on to its next chapter. We are glad to announce that we are about to join forces with Funtoo.

Yes, you heard it well.

This is a special moment for our development team, as two strongly Gentoo focused communities are joining together.

“Funtoo Linux is a community-developed Linux meta-distribution based upon Gentoo Linux. Funtoo Linux is optimized for the best possible performance on the latest Intel and AMD hardware. Funtoo is led by Daniel Robbins, the creator of Gentoo Linux, and actively developed by the Funtoo community”

Funtoo shines for additional QA layers, proven reliability, and incredible performance setup out of the box, plus the wonderful metatools and Kits ecosystem. Funtoo has a strong community with a solid background.

By joining together forces, years of experience, knowledge, and tooling, we will be able to deliver the best Linux experience also in a binary format, stronger, and together.

We will mutually contribute to each others’ projects, actually merging our development teams.

Now we are bringing together our knowledge base and toolset to build new ecosystems and projects behind the same umbrella.

There isn’t a final decision yet on how we will move forward, but we will promise to keep everyone in the loop as the situation evolves.

Welcome Funtoo!

Sabayon team

November 20, 2020
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