Sabayon Entropy Updates?

I’ve seen a couple of recent posts lately and the topic comes up from time to time about updates.  It’s tough to please people and updates.  It’s either too often or not enough it seems.  Personally, I don’t see what the big deal is.  There could be updates everyday, it don’t matter to me and I never question if I do an equo update and it says I’m current.  Some get a bit nervous when they don’t see updates and start thinking something is broke.  There is a simple solution to put your worries at rest.  I love RSS, borderline rss junkie even.  So all you have to do is load up your favorite rss reader and put in the package update rss.  These can be found on the mirrors.

So for example, a weekly x86_64 user can use the following link

A weekly x86 user can use:

Now you can follow along and see when and what was all dumped into the repo.  I like to use google reader as than I can access my rss feeds from any where. Click image to make bigger.

Sabayon Updates RSS

Simple enough to put your worries to rest.  Some more feeds:

Limbo x86_64 -

Limbo x86 -

Main x86_64 -

Main x86 -

Feel free to use the mirror of your choice RSS can also be used with our gits.  For example our

entropy git -;a=rss

artwork git -;a=rss

You can find the various git stuff here -

Soon you will be collecting rss from other sites and growing your list till it’s out of control.  No excuse for not knowing what is going on.