Sabayon 18.05 - Finally a new stable release -

Sabayon 18.05 - Finally a new stable release
18.05 Press release

The team behind Sabayon is excited to present you the latest release: Sabayon 18.05.

Sabayon is a modern and easy to use distribution based on Gentoo, which follows a reliable rolling release model.

Originally we planned to release it last December, but then an update with GCC on Gentoo profiles made us rebuild almost all packages.

Please read on or download your flavour :-)

In general, the release is a new snapshot so that after fresh install you have less updates, but there is more: it has been worked out, tested, improved, fixed and discussed, all within the small but active team of voluteers that work on this distribution, so that you can get it, install it and enjoy it!


  • Kernel 4.14
  • GNOME 3.24
  • KDE 5.12
  • Mate 1.18
  • Xfce 4.12

Some picks

Sabayon has now a Facebook profile with a speaking name next to our Facebook group.

Development is open, so if you want to have a look at what has been done in detail, it’s right there; you can find the link in the Download section below.

What was dropped?

With this release, we are in the process of dropping support for Qt4, which reached its end of life in december 2015 (!)

Due to changes in its policy, we had to take down or Vagrant image. We still have a Docker profile though.

LTS Linux kernels offered

From now on, stable releases will offer only LTS Kernel.

Plans for the future

We are already planning what to do for the next stable release (which hopefully happens this year!). For example, we would like to stick to one display manager greeter across all our flavours. Other plans include: replacing the Anaconda installer with Calamares, releasing several improvements to Entropy, the package manager…

If you are interested or want to contribute, talk to us!

New developer announcement

Daniele “geaaru” Rondina joined the Sabayon Development Team.


Stable ISOs

All ISOs are 64bit only.

Further download options

Get in touch with us

Thank you for your trust in us. If you would like to support our work, talk to us or consider making a donation.

April 14, 2018
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Our Community

You don't have to be able to code to help the Sabayon Community. There are many ways to contribute, be it your passion, your skills, your time or a monetary donation.
Sabayon is user powered, created solely on freely given user contributions, so why not help out and give back to the community?

Join us on Facebook, Google+

Meet our crazy community on Facebook. Alternatively, have fun with the guys and gals on Google+, or simply +1 us our Google+ page.

Get Sabayon

There are many different Sabayon variants.
Each one is designed for a specific purpose and designed to bring out the best in your hardware
We provide Live versions of most of our variants, so you can try out Sabayon without touching your Computer's Hard drive.