Let me explain my feelings a bit deeper. I do really appreciate the effort AMD is putting in providing high quality GPU drivers (in terms of performance and power consumption) for our beloved Operating System.

But this time I feel quite depressed. We were delaying Sabayon 7 just because we wanted to ship with working AMD drivers, and make GNOME3 users happy. Today, it turned out this is not going to be the case: x11-drivers/ati-drivers-11.9 seems to be a complete disaster, people still reporting (also been able to reproduce them) GNOME3 rendering issues (flickering), KWin and other random crashes (regressions!) as well. Yes, even KDE is crashy on fglrx now.

AMD is unlikely going to fix the situation in reasonable time (we must release Sabayon 7 asap!), so, like it or not, we are forced to revert back to 11.8 and ship our new ISO images with GNOME3 Shell not working on AMD GPU systems.

We are very sorry.

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