So, it’s beeen a quite exciting weekend at ULB in Bruxelles.

I would really like to say thanks to all the people I’ve been talking with during these days. Hope you all had a good time there. It’s always nice to meet other devs IRL and share opinions on stuff.

Besides this, many exciting things are around the corner during the next 10-15 days. I’m almost done writing about the BeagleBoard xM and PandaBoard on the Sabayon wiki (feel free to copycat the stuff to Gentoo wiki, no problems here). This means that I am eventually going to start messing with the Efika MX nettop, can’t wait can’t wait. People from Genesi USA are awesome, so is their hardware, no kidding.

And, last but not least, Sabayon 8: I just need to find time to write the full release notes (tomorrow nite hopefully).

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