During the FOSDEM weekend, I’ve been also able to write down some wiki notes about getting Sabayon (and Gentoo) working on the BeagleBoard xM and PandaBoard. You may be interested in reading the Hitchhikers guides for these two boards (but don’t get excited too much, our chroots are currently hardfp, this means no 3D until Imagination/TI/whatever don’t release the hardfp version of their OpenGL libraries — or unless I make a softfp chroot). Considering that even Ubuntu is switching to hardfp, I really feel optimistic about it.

Currently, you can find the BeagleBoard xM image on our ISO mirrors (under the “daily” directory), while the PandaBoard one will appear next Sunday. Both ship with the graphic stack, using omapfb (sigh), LXDE and Midori as Web Browser. NetworkManager is there as well. As you can imagine, there is still a lot of work to do (mainly making code compile, did I say Chromium?). Now I’m going to focus on the Efika MX a bit, it really looks to be orders of magnitude faster than the PandaBoard (woot!).

Enjoy arm and say thanks to Tigal for having sent me the boards.

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