As always, long time no blog, so lets hope this one is good, eh?

I have become Gentoo developer. Which I was pretty happy about. This means of course that the Sabayon project now has two Gentoo developers in its ranks.

Lxnay as you may remember has been a Gentoo developer for a while and has been busily working on adding all the powerful Sabayon technologies to portage, such as Entropy and Molecule, he is also in the Gnome herd, so has been battling Gnome 3.2, which he loves, by the way.

I on the other hand have joined the KDE herd, so there is a nice symmetry between our responsibilities. I plan on fixing up various packages around portage and maintaining a few I use a lot and need some love, such as the Pigdin SIPE/OCS plugin.

A nice example of how this setup benefits both Sabayon and Gentoo users can been seen in Sabayon bug report #2733, where I bumped the “PlayOnLinux” package in portage, enabling both the Sabayon entropy maintainers and any Gentoo user to build the package.

I have been on an excellent trip to New York City, a fantastic place to visit and I highly recommend going if you get the chance, I also spotted this gem on the flight over.

In other Sabayon news, Sabayon 7 has been tagged, the development team are testing the final tagged release so expect it imminently.

I hope to get back into the habit of blogging over the coming months and as always please feel free to comment to ask questions etc.

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