I’ve seem to hit a bump in the road when it comes to creating a live USB stick.  Normally I create and test once a week an ISO file from our Daily folder to make sure it’s working properly.  I’ve never had an issue till like a week ago when unetbootin would no longer make a bootable USB stick.  So than I tried Linux Live USB Creator and it was telling me the ISO file was corrupt, which it wasn’t as I was able to mount it with VirtualBox and boot it.  Others were testing and were able to create bootable USB sticks and I thought for sure I was loosing my mind for a while till someone else posted the same issue.  Yay I wasn’t loosing my mind after all.

So I started googling and vibes were pointing to try win32diskimager. So I downloaded the binary, extracted, ran the exe file and had a bootable USB stick in a short period of time.  Yay!  Why win32diskimager works where others won’t is beyond me.

If you are on a windows machine and need to create a USB stick of your favorite Sabayon iso, here is the steps

1. Download Win32DiskImager, grab the binary, extract it, run the win32diskimager.exe file and you will see the window below.  I had my flash drive plugged in already and it properly detected it.  Use the drop down box to make change if needed.



2. By default it looks for a .img file and what we have is an .iso file. So you need to click on the Save as File type and select *.* than you will be able to see and select your .iso file.

3. After you have done that, all you have to now do is click on write and sit back for a bit while it does it’s thing.

4. Once it completes, reboot your computer and boot up the live USB stick.

I still need to test if I can do this with dd yet, but my main machine is in a bit of a mess and need to get a hard drive swapped out, so this is why I needed to get this working from a windows machine.  Hopefully this will save someone the major headache I got from all this, sheesh.

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