I always hated sudo. It’s like trying to fix a tyre with a chewing gum, close eyes and hope it works.
Just a quick and dirty, straightforward explanation why it is bad for your systems’ security.
Let’s say you have a password-less ssh keypair attached to a remote user allowed to run anything as root through prefixing commands with “sudo”. *cough* this is the default setup for any Amazon EC2 instance running Amazon Linux AMIs (and also Ubuntu AMIs I guess, and perhaps even Fedora ones?)
What happens if your keypair slips out, gets leaked somehow or somebody steals it from your hard drive? The result is simple, the attacker automatically gains root access anywhere you have the above setup.
That’s quite dangerous, especially if you’re paranoid. Funny enough, many distros are forcing users to use sudo against their will, in a password-less setup.

Of course, this also happens in the unlikely (ahaha) case where your user account gets compromised. Having two levels of passwords is always better than one.

sudo FTL!

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