First of all, our daily iso images should be working with unetbootin again.  Yay!  So I thought I would download MATE x86_64 iso and give it a whirl again and see how the progress is going.  Please keep in mind that the MATE iso is very much a work in progress thing.  If you download it right now and boot it up, you won’t even find MATE on the iso even.  You’ll discover you have fluxbox and a password that don’t work.  No worries tho, those that are working on the MATE project are aware of this.  The good news is you can still test it out live!  Entropy works great on the live USB.  So take care of the password problem by doing Ctrl + Alt + F1 at the login screen and issue the command

passwd sabayonuser

Set you password and than Ctrl + Alt + F7 to get back to the login screen.  Now you can log into fluxbox by using the password you just set.  Root password works fine, it’s still blank, so all you need to do in a terminal is su and you will be root.  So now we can fire up entropy and install mate.

equo update && equo install mate

If I remember it pulled 48 packages and had it all install fairly quickly.  I quit fluxbox and now MATE was available for selection in the box on the login screen and a quick re-login and presto, MATE!

Now, I know Joost mentioned the other day he added MATE 1.4 to limbo repo, so I thought I will just add limbo and update the entire thing.  I decided to use rigo, the gui package manager as it’s had a lot of neat features added to it lately, such as managing your repos.  So I fired up rigo, went in and activated limbo repo, let it update the repos and than said Yes to update system.  I believe I had 68 updates. I let rigo do it’s thing and it worked quickly and flawlessly.  Remember, this all being done live on a USB stick.  The updates finish and I logout and log back in.

I changed the background and theme, had to installed the missing icon package for the theme and all is good.

Again, MATE is a work in progress and the issues are known.  So from my last post on MATE, the improvements are nice. The panels are setup by default now instead of blank. A darker theme is default now also.  So nice work so far!

If you haven’t tried rigo out since it was introduced in Sabayon 9, I highly recommend to give it another look at it’s features: Application Groups, Show Installed Apps, Update Repos, Sort Mirrors, Manage Repos, Config File updates, Clean Entropy Web Service, View Notices.  It runs so smooth via live USB, which is awesome.  Enjoy!


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