I spent a few hours looking for a solution to getting google drive on my sabayon system much like dropbox, but found out that there really is no official way.  Google seems to be slow on getting a linux client out or something.

Dropbox is nice, but at only 2GB of space and costs above that limit are lame compared to google drive. I use google for everything else so why not the drive.  Once I log into my computer, the next thing I do is log into google to access all my stuff.  I’m just surprised they don’t have linux support for their drive yet.

So looking around it seems Insync is popular, but it seems to favor gnome/kde/cinnamon which I don’t use. They say it’s free during beta, but I didn’t see any price as to what it will cost.  So that is not for me.

gdrive-cli exists, but not what I am looking for.  I want something like dropbox for my desktop environment.

I than ran across grive and this caught my eye and it’s open source!  I had a fresh install of Sabayon Forensics and decided to install it and it was a snap to install and it works like a charm. You can follow my how-to here.  Basically you grab the git, build it, and than run it.  It’s not dropbox, but very close to it.  With a cron job set up, I’m good to go.  I know it goes against the religion of doing things outside of the package manager, but this is totally safe as you are doing all of this in your home directory and not messing with anything else.

I have moved the original Sabayon Forensics site over to Sabayon Forensics new home.  I plan to house my personal how-to’s over there also.

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