Rigo has become available in the entropy store finally.  So what is this talk of Rigo you may ask, it’s a replacement of Sulfur.  Sulfur will no longer exist in the future so Rigo will be the new and improved GUI package manager for entropy store.  I really never was a fan of Sulfur, but than I’m not really a fan of GUI package managers anyway.  This is my first look at Rigo.  Keep in mind that Rigo is still in development to only get better and better.  So to give it a whirl and install it via equo install rigo.  Click images for larger version (Note: Rigo is early stages of Development yet)

  •  Upon launch it comes up and checks for updates

Rigo on Launch

  •  Clicking on Show gives me the list of updates and I can now click on Update System

Updates to Apply

  • I have a license to agree too, very simple and straight forward

Rigo Package License Agreement

  • Now Rigo is off and running as it tells me it is in progress

Rigo is Updating

  •  You might not believe it and want proof so you click on Show me and now you can see it’s downloading the packages

Rigo Update Progress

  • Downloading completes and now it’s installing updates

Rigo Installing Updates

  • After updates are installed it tells you it has upgraded your system successfully.

Rigo Done With Updates

So lets take a look at just doing an individual Package.  Back at the home screen I simply type the package I am looking for.

Looking for Firefox

So now firefox has come up, I can click on it to go right to Install or view more info.  (In this case I have firefox installed already so instead of a remove button it would be a install button.)  So you can see here that you can do same steps to remove a package.

Package Options

So clicking on More Info gets you a ton more of information and from here you can click the Install button.

Package Information


Rigo Installing Firefox

Installed succesfully

Rigo is Finished

I would like to note that I ran all this off of the Live version of Sabayon Forensics and Rigo ran smoothly. Normally if I start up Sulfur on the live session Sulfur becomes unresponsively slow, so seeing Rigo fire right up and working instantly is very sweet.

Remember, Rigo is still early stages yet and features to come yet.  So if you give it a try and see things missing, just hold on as it’s coming.

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