After 2 months of hard work, Enlik and I (but mainly him) completed the split of the Sabayon Portage overlay. But what is it about?
It all started when Pacho Ramos kindly asked us to separate ebuilds that could be upstreamed (towards Gentoo) and ebuilds that only contained Sabayon business logic.
Since our overlay was quite fat, it really took us several weeks to accomplish the request… {omg here}

After the split, we ended up having: overlays/for-gentoo.git and overlays/sabayon.git git repos containing respectively the “sabayon” and “sabayon-distro” layman repositories.
So, layman -fa sabayon will now pull the for-gentoo.git overlay, which contains new cool stuff geared towards Gentoo users as well.
And, as said above, layman -fa sabayon-distro will give you the rest of our ebuild stuff.

Now it’s time to (slowly) “monetize” the split helping out upstream with patches and version bumps!

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